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Cartography: the process and art of drawing maps

Hello. We are Ben and Linda, and welcome to our blog! We are independent college and career consultants. This means we survey the landscape and identify opportunities relevant to your skills, goals, and drive. Hence “Kartografe”, a name inspired by the phonetics of Cartography. In this blog we discuss issues relating to colleges and careers or anything that we consider relevant.

We draw extensively on our experience in corporate finance, strategic planning, government, and consulting. We also draw on science, history, geography, art, math, music, literature and life in general. At times the ideas we present may be controversial, but then one could say the same of all important issues of the day.


Benjamin Chua and Linda Lim

We custom design each “map” according to a
student’s unique passions, skills and goals.



We consider it self-evident that each student is unique and endowed with a particular combination of talents and abilities. These talents and abilities should be nurtured and developed as far as practicable. We believe that students should be placed in environments that will enable them to thrive; as they are unique, it follows that a “mass production” educational model is likely sub-optimal.

We assert that there is no single “right” path for any student. The optimal developmental path for any given individual, is likely one that balances nurturing of the student’s talents, abilities and interests with skills for survival.

We maintain that academic progress is an insufficient indicator of development; indeed it may not be a sign of any desirable development whatsoever. Grit, the existence of a moral compass, emotional and social competence, are more important in the long run, not only from the point of view of the individual but also from a societal perspective. We reject the purely instrumental view of education as a means to an end and nothing more. An education should enliven, enlighten and ultimately empower.


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